Wiring Diagram Speed Controller Me1.12

13/10/21 / Wiring

I have Estoc675514 and Series 3000 Starter and I want to know if I can use an Speed Controller Me1.12? I bought one but I don’t know how to fit, because the wiring diagram isn’t matching with the wiring diagram for fan.

Is it wrong to choose the Me1.12 for my Exhaust Fan?

What would you recommend for me please?


Could you check the fan code and I can take a look. The Series 3000 is a starter to turn the fan on and off only, it’s not a speed controller. The starter will also need an over load adding to match the fans running current. The ME1.12 can be used. I can help you with the wiring of the fan to controller, or from the starter to the controller to the fan.

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