BAS100SLB Bathroom Kitchen wall mounted extractor fan by Vent Axia


BAS100SLB Bathroom Kitchen wall mounted extractor fan by Vent Axia

Bathroom, Toilet, Kitchen and Cloakroom Extractor fan c/​w integral backdraught shutter

Vent Axia’s BASICS range. Low cost, but top quality, from what we consider to be the most famous brand name in residential and commercial ventilation equipment in the UK. No matter which range of fans you buy, when they have the Vent Axia badge, you know you have made the right choice.

We recommend this range where you need low cost with great looks, an acceptable noise level and high quality.

The Basics range are suitable for use in Bathroom’s, Toilets, Kitchens and Cloakrooms, the range are almost flush mounted, with the fan only protruding 15mm off the wall. They can be mounted on either a wall or panel, (appropriate Fixing Kit may be required, please check our related products below) we only supply versions with a back draught shutter fitted, they can be wired to run via a light switch or separate remote switch.

Important Note — Building regulations state in a room with no openable window, an intermittent extract fan should be used with a run on facility set to a minimum of 15 minutes.”

  • 104 m³/​hr at free air 
  • 29L/S at free air 
  • 0.029 m³/​s at free air 
  • 100mm wall fitting kit — available in White or Brown 
  • 100mm Louvre Shutter 
  • 100mm dia wall sleeve
  • 100mm External Grille 
  • 14 watts
  • 240 volts 1Phase
  • Required wall hole size 117mm dia 
  • 44dB(A) at 1.5 metres from the listener 
  • 38dB(A) at 3 metres from the listener
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