Roof Units ESP56014 Plate mounted extract fan also known as ZAP560-41

Systemair, Vent-Axia, Ziehl-Abegg,

Roof Units ESP56014 Plate mounted extract fan also known as ZAP560-41
Roof Units ESP56014 Plate mounted extract fan also known as ZAP560-41
Roof Units ESP56014 Plate mounted extract fan also known as ZAP560-41

Manufactured by Ziehl Abegg and distributed by Vent Axia and Systemair, this is probably one of the most popular plate mounted axials on the market today. Ziehl Abegg are one of, if not the biggest external rotor motor manufacturers in the world, they have over 100 years of engineering experience behind them, which gives you the confidence. If a low cost painted finish fan is your choice this is among the best available.

  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Can be used in any non hazardous environment
  • Suitable to run in temperatures from ‑40°C to up to 70°C in some instances
  • Low to medium air volumes
  • Low to medium static pressures
  • Available sizes 315mm – 630mm from stock
  • 710mm – 1000mm check for availability
  • Tough epoxy paint finish
  • Die cast aluminium impellers (the bit that goes around)
  • Motor class F insulation with protection to IP54
  • All fans reversible for supply or extract 

The curve below shows the fans performance, which is 3.72 m³/​s at Free Air and peaks at 2.7 m³/​s at 150Pa, the fan can perform anywhere between these points and the red dot is shown as an example

  • 69dB(A) at 1.5 metres from the listener
  • 63dB(A) at 3 metres from the listener
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