GBD500/4 T120 Helios 3ph Gigabox centrigugal fan


GBD500/4 T120 Helios 3ph Gigabox centrigugal fan

A great multifunctional box fan from German manufacturer Helios Ventilation. This fan is suitable for medium to higher airflow volumes against high resistances in every type of ventilation system The ..T120 Range is also suitable for the extraction of dirty, humid and hot air upto a maximum of 120Deg C.

Self-supporting frame construction from aluminium hollow profiles
Double walled side panels with 20mm thick temperature insulating and flame retardent mineral wool
Steel backward curved centrifugal impellor
90 Degree or straight through air path possible. Except T120 range which is only 90 degree air path
T120 range only has motor out of air stream
Suitable for outdoors with appropriate weather cowl
All sizes except GBD630/4 T120 can be speed controlled

The curve below shows the fans performance. The top curve is without speed control and the fan produces 8348 m³/​h (2.319 m³/​s) at Free Air and its recommend maximum is 1919 m³/​h (0.533 m³/​s) at 700Pa, the fan can perform anywhere between these points. The other curves show performance with a 5 step controller.

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gbd500/4t120 : GBD500/4 T120 Helios 3ph Gigabox centrigugal fan £1,165.38 + VAT £1,398.46
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