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“Fläkt Woods would like to congratulate Northern Fans Supplies on their expansion”. Faye Young SuperLite Manager states 'It strengthens the bond between Fläkt Woods and Northern Fan Supplies, the development of the new branch and the new e-commerce website increases Fläkt Woods availability to a new level'.”

Why is our opening statement from Flakt Woods, good question, Faye talks about strengthening bonds and taking availability to a new level, not a bad endorsement from a 430 million euro plus global turnover company, but what difference does that make to you the customer ??

This website has been developed for one reason and one reason only to help and enhance your fan buying experience, I bet that statement put a little smile on your face, so I’ve already enhanced your experience with a little smile, cheesy yes but hopefully true. As a good friend always says to me “lets put some meat on the bone” always makes me giggle that one, but let’s honour him by giving it a try.

We’ve tried (and continue to try by updating all the time) to cater for every type of browser, from the novice looking for help to the expert looking for technical information. This is mirrored though our online products which range from domestic fans for the home to industrial fans for any application from a local takeaway to a Formula 1 wind tunnel, you could call our site “Fans R Us” or “Fans R You” but that could lead to all sorts of trouble and we don’t want any trouble.

If you still reading we’d better talk about the company and the people who work in it

Passionate, Passionate, Passionate, Passionate an overused word these days, but when I look at my teams and I mean every member of my teams all I see is passion, the desire to improve, the need to offer a service unrivalled in the industry and that warm feeling inside of a job well done. Their goal is to leave the customer 100% satisfied knowing they’ve been offered the right solution at more importantly the right price, and that’s true whether they are a regular or a one off customer.

Our success has come from over 25 years of hard work, but I know the hard work never stops and yes we make mistakes doesn’t everyone (the only exception to that is my good friend Andy Window, but he is what I would call special) the trick is not to keep making the same mistakes.

Finally and if you still reading (thanks if you are by the way) who am I?

I’m Jonathan Parry owner of the company and bad Golfer and trust me I’m not just saying that when I say I’m bad I’m bad, but that’s Golf. When it comes to fans I’ve worked for the same company since 1989 I started sweeping the floors, moved on to service engineer then sales engineer, moved up to sales director and finally had the opportunity to buy the business. I’m learning every day building, and gaining more and more experience I pass this experience on to colleagues, I love the job love the industry, no one would ever choose to work in the industry, but when you’re in it you love it. My job is not a job it’s a passion I never get tired of it, I love to help others, I love to inspire, I love to see my team succeed, I love to win an order because of my honesty and integrity and finally I love to make a difference, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a lot of loving, all joking aside the proof of the pudding is in the eating, but in my case it’s in the service give us a try and we’ll prove it’s not all hot air and there is substance behind the statement. I could go on all day with the one liners but you really need to browse the site and buy some fans and I need to practice what I preach

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