1 Phase on /off Starter c/w Overload

1 Phase on /​off Starter c/​w Overload

Brook Crompton are one of the leading motor manufacturers in the UK, this Series 3000 single phase starter offers push button on and off, with overload protection. Overload protection gives extra safety by automatically stopping the fan when the full load current is exceeded, unlike fuse protection which is designed to protect life and u ...

15JM.33 2900 rpm Series 33 200 Deg C Bifurcated Fan DB125603

15JM.33 2900 rpm Series 33 200 Deg C Bifurcated Fan DB125603

Another great fan from FlaktWoods, Bifurcated Fans (sometimes shortened to Bifs or Bif Fans) are inline axial flow fans where the motor has been taken out of the airstream. This allows the fan to operate at higher temperatures. Available sizes 152mm – 305mm from stockThe Casings are spun sheet steel, then hot dipped galvanised to give a ...

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