Mitsubishi Lossnay Heat Recovery Units

02/12/18 / Products

Mitsubishi, one of the biggest brands in the world, Lossnay, one of the biggest names in Heat Recovery are now stocked and distributed by Northern Fan Supplies Ltd.

If you want Heat Recovery, you want the Mitsubishi Lossnay unit, this range of units are ideal for any commercial use* including offices and schools

Did you know Mitsubishi also manufacture a Lossnay unit for the home, the VL-220CZGV

So if you want Heat Recovery and you want the assurance of one of the biggest brands in the world in partnership with one of the most respected names in ventilation, look no further than Mitsubishi and Northern Fans 

The Mitsubishi Lossnay units are driven by DC motors meaning SFP levels are below the building regulation limit of 1.7 W/(L/S), what does this mean, well it means energy saving and reduced carbon emissions

The Lossnay core (the part of the unit that transfers the recovers the heat) technology enables heat and humidity to be transferred this ensure maximum comfort and big swings of humidity in the rooms leaving the rooms comfortable, this technology is not used by all heat recovery units leaving room humidity uncomfortable. Explained in more detail below

The lossnay is complemented by controls, designed to make the Lossnay Heat Recovery units usable 12 months of the year.

What does that actually mean, well it means in winter the unit will recover otherwise lost heat and in summer will enable bypass (no heat is recovered) which introduces much needed cool oxygen filled air into the room.

What are the benefits of Heat Recovery?

You can recover heat that would otherwise be lost and you can introduce fresh oxygen enriched air back in. Remember those longs days at school, feeling a little tired in the afternoon, well that may have been the lack of oxygen in the room, Heat Recovery units give you that much needed afternoon boost, so at least if you do feel drowsy in the afternoon it must be the content of the lesson not the air 

Lossnay Core Construction and Technology

Simple Construction. The Lossnay core is a cross-air passage total energy recovery unit constructed from specially treated paper with a corrugated structure. The fresh air and exhaust air passages are totally separated allowing the fresh air to be introduced without mixing with the exhaust air.

Principle The Lossnay Core uses the heat transfer properties and moisture permeability of the treated paper. Total heat (sensible heat plus latent heat) is transferred from the stale exhaust air to the ventilation air being introduced into the system when they pass through the Lossnay.

Treated Paper The paper partition plates are treated with special chemicals so that the Lossnay Core is an appropriate energy recovery unit for the ventilator. The membrane has many unique properties: (1) Incombustible and strong. (2) Has selective hydroscopicity and moisture permeability that permits the passage of only water vapour (including some water-soluble gases). (3) Has gas barrier properties that does not permit gases such as CO2 from entering the conditioned space.

*When using the Lossnay in high humidity conditions such as heated indoor pools, bathrooms, mushroom cultivation houses, high-fog areas etc., moisture will condense inside the core, and drainage will occur. Lossnay units that use treated paper cannot be installed in those types of environments.

If the paper can recover humidity, will it not become wet?

It is similar to the phenomenon during heating in winter where the window pane is wet but the paper blinds are dry — humidity is transferred through the paper membrane.

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