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A.V.Mount (Anti Vibration Mount)

A.V.Mount (Anti Vibration Mount) – Load range per mount 9Kg - 50Kg

Supplied in sets of 4 Anti Vibration Mounts (A.V. Mounts) attach to the bottom of Mounting Feet. A.V. Mounts are used to isolate the fan from the system to prevent vibration transfer through fixings or structures. A.V. Mounts can be used to isolate any products from the main system to....

315 Mounting Feet

315 Mounting Feet

Supplied in pairs 315mm Mounting Foot, used to fit directly to the fan as part of a full ancillary package The Mounting Foot can be used to mount the fan in the horizontal or vertical position Usually used in conjunction with Anti Vibration Mounts Can also be used to fit directly to....

315mm dia Flange

315mm dia Flange – suits any manufacturer of fans

315mm dia Flange used to bolt directly to any manufacturer of Fans, as part of a full ancillary package or for the fan to mount inline in ducting. This flange is unique because it is designed to fix to UK and European PCD detail, meaning this flange will fix to any manufacturers fans Can....

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