UB806344 Estoc Powerbox 806303 by FlaktWoods

Flakt Woods,

UB806344 Estoc Powerbox 80-630-3 by FlaktWoods

This great square duct fan from FlaktWoods is constructed using a Pentapost frame which supports pre-galvanised steel sandwich panels, each filled with 20mm thick mineral wool for acoustic insulation. Each unit comes with 4 panels, all of which can be removed and relocated to give multiple outlet orientations at either 90 degrees to the inlet or 180 degrees for straight through air movement.

7 Model Sizes
Volumes Up to 5 m³/​s (18,000 m³/​h)
Pressures Up to 1020 Pa (Static)
Impeller Backward Curved Impeller
Case Style Aluminium Penta-post Frame
Case Coating Pregalvanised Sheet Steel
Case Insulation Double Skinned 20mm Fiberglass
Installation Horizontal or Vertical
Location Internal or External with Cowl
IP rating IP54
Temperature Up to 55°C

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estocub806344 : UB806344 Estoc Powerbox 80-630-3 by FlaktWoods £1,117.77 + VAT £1,341.32
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