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What's the ERP Directive for Fans 2013?

09/12/12 / General News

The first phase of the Energy Related Products Directive is almost upon us in the fan industry. 1st January 2013 is the date on all fan manufacturers’ minds. The impact of this legislation is exceptional, bringing about changes to products by requiring manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with the Directive’s product-category-specific requ ... More

Northern Fan Supplies Ltd open new branch in Leeds

28/08/12 / General News

From 3rd of September 2012 our 3rd Branch based in Leeds will be open for business. This will enable us to give our large customer base in the Yorkshire area local access to everything we supply. Watch the news by clicking HERE ... More

Northern Fan Supplies Ltd new Ecommerce site

27/08/12 / General News

It’s been a long time coming but welcome to our new e‑commerce website. This site has has been designed with you, the customer in mind. When you click on the home page for the first time, you immediately see a number of search options at your finger tips. If you know what you want use the Keyword” search to go straight to it, if you’re not sure ... More

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